Image Credit: National Portrait Gallery/Shepard Fairey/ ImagesThe Associated Press and artist Shepard Fairey have settled a legal dispute over whether Fairey violated copyright terms by doctoring a 2006 AP photo of then Senator Barack Obama for Fairey’s famous “Hope” poster of Obama, the New York Times reports. Both sides agreed that “neither side surrendered its view of the law” and settled with undisclosed financial terms. Fairey, featured heavily in the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, created the poster to support Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. In 2009, Fairey preemptively sued the AP after the news organization accused him of infringement, arguing that his use of the photo fell under fair use. Last year, however, after Fairey admitted that he had identified a different AP photo used for the “Hope” poster than the one he actually used and deleted other images to cover his actions, a criminal investigation and civil case were launched. In settling their dispute, Fairey has agreed not to use another AP photo without permission. Fairey and the AP will also share the rights to the Hope image.