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Image Credit: Fox; Jacob CohlFox News personality Glenn Beck is never shy about serving up his opinion about most topics — that’s for dang sure — but this morning on his radio show, The Glenn Beck Program, he started in very passionately on a topic that we’ve rarely heard him be passionate about before: the theater. Specifically, Broadway’s new musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which has been berdevilled with injuries and other problems during its previews. The somewhat surprising part? Beck absolutely loved the show, which has been largely panned by early reviewers. (Technically, no official reviews of Spider-Man are supposed to appear until the show’s official opening, which has been moved back twice but is currently slated for Feb. 7.) “This is better than Wicked!” Beck said, referencing the much-lauded Broadway show that was an instant success when it debuted in 2003. “This is much better than Wicked.”

His hyperbolic review didn’t stop there. He urged his audience to give a kidney to go see Spider-Man, which he said he saw on Saturday evening, and proclaimed the show better than Phantom of the Opera. “I mean, you’ve got two kidneys. Don’t give both kidneys up — go see Wicked before you give both kidneys,” Beck continued. “But give a kidney to go see Spider-Man. I’m telling you, mark my words, it’s being panned right now, nobody’s saying good stuff about it. I’m telling you, you go buy your ticket — you buy your ticket now, if you’re thinking about coming to New York, because when this thing opens and it’s starting to run, you will not be able to get tickets to this for a year. This is one of those shows, this is the Phantom of the 21st century.” Opening back in January 1988, Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running — and most successful — show in the history of Broadway.

Beck also took the opportunity to lay siege to theater critics. “Well, it’s not, well this isn’t theater!” he said in a faux French accent, mocking the critics. “It’s music by Bono! Who is Bono? Of course he does a lot of charity, which I like, I think he was down in Haiti, but he’s still rock!”

Despite his elation over Spider-Man, Glenn Beck is not an investor in the show. But if there is one that we can confirm about him, it’s this: He really, really likes Spider-Man on Broadway. Enjoy the full audio clip here:

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