Sure, the VeriPhone is all any of us can talk about, but that’s far from the only drool-worthy phone making news in the last few days. There were puh-lenty of phones at CES to lust after.

The Motorola Droid Bionic is up at the top of that list: the 4.3-inch screen is bigger than the iPhone’s, and the 8-megapixel camera has me swooning. HDMI output on a phone? Uh, sure! The HTC ThunderBolt, which has comparable specs, is also a straight-up thing of beauty, plus unlike the iPhone, it has expandable storage.

Motorola’s showstopper, though, was the Atrix 4G, which sports the most robust innards of any smartphone — and comes with a dock that basically turns your phone into a full-on PC. (BYO monitor. Watch a video here.)

But if you’re more about integration, TV maker Vizio unveiled their upcoming Vizio Phone (catchy name, dudes), which has the same interface as the company’s web-enabled TVs and upcoming tablet. Oh, and it has an infrared blaster that makes it a universal remote.

Are you iPhone-or-bust, PopWatchers? Or were there phones at CES that dialed your number? For more gadgets and gizmos, read all about the best of CES right here.