In a choir of people who sing the praises of Pixar daily, a man named Leandro Copperfield has succeeded in distinguishing himself by producing a tribute to the animation studio that itself is worthy of laud — and maybe a few tears.

Admittedly the first song of three in the video, a new wave tune from the xx, is a strange fit. But I dare you to find a more appropriate sound to accompany the sight of the balloons flying out of the house from Up. (The intercutting with gazing Woody was also a nice touch).

Looking at Pixar’s greatest works (um, which is pretty much all of their works), it’s easy to see why the studio’s movies boast an impressive Rotten Tomatoes streak. Toy Story 3, in fact, was honored today with a Golden Tomato Award for being the site’s highest-rated movie of 2010. (EW’s Owen Gleiberman was among the stumpers.)

So watch this for yourself, PopWatchers — after work, of course, because it’s seven minutes long. And tell me what you think.

Did the use of “La Vie En Rose” make you a little misty? Can you believe the man who made this video allegedly spent 11 days picking out the 500 scenes to use? And anyone want to get together and watch all these movies in a row RIGHT NOW?

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