Paula Abdul swung by Ellen today to shill for her new show Live to Dance, but the talk quickly shifted towards American Idol. Paula talked about trying to keep her season-finale return to Idol a secret from Simon Cowell, and how much she enjoyed his shocked reaction: “I always like making Simon cry.” Ellen prodded her fellow ex-Idol judge about her love/hate relationship with Cowell, which Paula summed up in these immortal words: “He’s like fungus, in the sense that he just sticks around for a long time, and then finally you just surrender to it.” Ellen: “You surrender to fungus?” Paula: “Yeah!”

Otherwise, Abdul was disappointingly non-crazy. (The host didn’t prod her guest about her 2009 Ellen-spoofing antics, either.) When Ellen noted that American Idol was moving to a new night directly opposite Live to Dance, Abdul diplomatically noted: “Oh, well. Two shows, different genres….I always say ‘Thank god for DVRs!'” Check out the video of Paula’s appearance below:

It doesn’t appear to be online right now, but after the interview, Paula and Ellen played a “Guess the Dance” game that proves, if nothing else, that Paula still has some serious moves. PopWatchers, do you like new-school Diplomatic Paula? Or do you miss the old-school Crazytown Paula?