Image Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotoYesterday, big-voiced, gum-drop-sized Kristin Chenoweth tweeted that someone had given her a copy of Suzanne Collins’ YA novel The Hunger Games, and she was now obsessed with all things Panem. Sing it! Well, this seems as good a time as any to say that I am obsessed with the idea of Chenoweth playing the role of Effie Trinket in Gary Ross’ adaptation. Pink-haired Effie, who leads with brisk efficiency and an almost false cheer, is District 12’s escort to the Hunger Games. The role, three-fourths broad comedy, a quarter wistful tenderness, seems right up Chenoweth’s sparkly-eyed street. Add Chenoweth to my dream cast of True Grit‘s dazzler Hallie Steinfeld — she’s young, I know, but that girl’s got some real steel to her — in the role of Katniss, and Cillian “Mr. Eyelashes” Murphy (circa 28 Days Later) as Cinna. Haymitch is my favorite of the bunch, despite and because of the fact that he’s such a wreck of as man, and the one character it will be hardest to see brought to the screen. I have such a crystallized view of him in my head already, it’s hard to picture an actor doing him justice. And I’m not up on the latest teen hunks, so I’m putting my faith in the casting director’s hands when it comes to Peeta and Gale.

Well, team, what do you think of Chenoweth as Effie? What actor can you not get out of your head as one of the various roles? Have you, too, had that experience where a literary character takes such full shape in the pages and in your mind that it’s disorienting seeing someone in real life play him or her?

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