Image Credit: DisneyA recent study paints a bleak picture of the effect of overpriced movie tickets on the 3-D box office, saying, essentially, that moviegoers might not put up with swollen 3-D ticket prices for much longer.

Based on my own experience as a moviegoer, I’m inclined to agree with the study, which comesfrom Pricewaterhouse-Coopers via The Hollywood Reporter. In fact, I remember going across town last year so I wouldn’t have to pay to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. (And don’t even start with the “You paid subway fare to go across town” argument. It’s the principle.)

There will always be “event” movies that have 3-D lovers showing up in droves, but I don’t have the spare cash to go to a 3-D movie every time a handful of my friends swear to me that it’s worth the price. (Last year, that movie was Step Up 3-D. Did I mention I need new friends?) Frankly, I like to be the judge of what’s worth my money, but that’s only possible once I’ve seen the movie. Such has always been the conundrum with moviegoing, but the stakes are certainly higher when the movie ticket is my commute money for the week. Humbug.

So here’s my question, PopWatchers: How many 3-D movies did you see in 2010? (Multiple viewings of one movie count separately, Avatar nerds). And with a reported slate of 40 3-D films scheduled for release this year, how many are you likely to see in 2011?

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