Gleeks make themselves known in all sorts of ways: Killing it at karaoke, obsessing over a cappella arrangements, and now … with their manicures. Glee and Sephora are releasing a line of New Directions-themed nail polish on Feb. 3. I guess we can now let our fingers to the Gleeking? (I will still do it by singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” at karaoke. You’re welcome, Brooklyn!)

The colors include: Slushied (blue), Hell to the No (purple), Gleek Out (a glittery lime), Diva-In-Training (bright pink), Who Let The Dorks Out? (dark green), Miss Bossy Pants (a Rachel Berry-themed berry pink), Mash-Up (pearly green/gray), Celibacy Club (glittery topcoat [heh]), Express Yourself to Yourself (coral), and Sue vs. Schue (navy blue). My dream of an Emma Pillsbury-inspired instantly-coordinated chameleon shade continues.

Would you wear Glee nail polish, PopWatchers? Or are your Glee jammies the extent of your obsession?

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