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Fox executives told TV critics at press tour that just because Fringe is moving to Fox’s sci-fi death slot on Fridays doesn’t mean the show is necessarily going to suffer the same fate as Dollhouse … and Sarah Connor Chronicles … and Prison Break … and Wonderfalls … and Dark Angel … and — sniff — Firefly.

“I appreciate the support in this room, and I beg you not to write the eulogy prematurely,” said entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “Friday is a troubled night. We are continually looking for a solution on the night. I was happy that Fringe turned up on a number of top-10 lists. We’re looking for it to go a little bit broader with ratings. I really hope fans go with it. Right now, we’re down to a core loyal audience.”

After Fox’s panel, one critic asked if Reilly is worried about Fringe facing The CW’s sci-fi show, Supernatural.

“It’s already been up against much stiffer competition [on Thursdays],” Reilly pointed out (including Supernatural, for that matter), then added that he didn’t know Supernatural was in the same slot so, really, that’s how unworried he is.

“It’s probably a little difficult to join it in progress,” Reilly admitted of the Fringe storyline. “But the show is where it should be. It’s now playing to its fans.”

Reilly also refused to write off another, even more troubled, Fox show, Lie to Me: “It can come back. It’s really found its groove. It delivered a very loyal audience wherever we put it.”

Who here thinks Fringe (which costs quite a bit more to produce than Supernatural) can survive on Fridays?

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