Credit: Ron Batzdorf

Image Credit: Ron BatzdorfFox Searchlight struck a deal with Apple last week to make its Screen Actors Guild Award-nominated films — Black Swan, 127 Hours, and Convictionavailable via iTunes to voting guild members. It’s the first time that awards screeners for feature films, usually sent out on DVDs, have been available in such a way. Beyond making it easier for SAG members to access the nominees, iTunes also offers studios more protection from piracy. Still, it would be understandable if some filmmakers were wary of making their films viewable on smaller and smaller screens. (Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky and 127 Hours‘ Danny Boyle both declined to comment.)

But Tony Goldwyn, the director of Conviction, is embracing the step into the digital age. “A month ago, when I got all my Academy screeners, I thought, in another year or two we’re not going to get the DVDs anymore. It’s all going to be online,” Goldwyn tells EW. “So when last week I got the call that they were making this deal, I was very excited, because the film will have the opportunity to reach so many more people than it possibly could in the movie theater, or even by sending out screeners.” As for the prospect of voters potentially watching his work on a device as small as an iPhone, he’s not worried. “How I feel about it is, we’re the storytellers and that’s my job. How people want to consume that story is up to the consumer. Obviously, I’d rather someone see my film on the big screen, but more than that I’d rather they see my film, period. I don’t personally like watching movies on my iPhone, but if someone else does, more power to them. And to be resistant of it, to me, is to be stuck in the past.”

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