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Updated January 10, 2011 at 04:19 PM EST

Image Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesHe was coy when speaking to EW last month, but Trent Reznor finally revealed this weekend in a New York Times livestream conversation that he has in fact been working on the soundtrack for David Fincher’s upcoming Girl With the Dragon Tattoo adaptation, due in theaters this December.

Reznor seems to be developing a partnership of sorts with Fincher; last year, he and co-collaborator Atticus Ross paired with the director on The Social Network; earning a Golden Globe nomination for their dense, atmospheric score.

Reznor and Ross have completed some four weeks of work on Dragon Tattoo, which Reznor says is “coming great”: “We started recording things in a different way that was all based on performance, nothing programmed. And that would be my limited skills at stringed instruments, and trying passages that we would get that and then we would process them in a way that would give us a real organic, layered feel that felt like something we’d never done before.”

“This one’s a bit different [of a process],” he continued. “Well, different in some ways. The movie is coming out Christmas of this year, and they’re still doing principal photography. So, I had read the book, I had not got the script yet and I heard a few buzz words like ‘ice’ and Fincher writing [to me], ‘I can’t write anymore my fingers are frozen.’ And we spent — Atticus and I are going to work on this again — three weeks generating, with a new set of rules, it was completely blind with no feedback from David … Because the way David works is that he’s the high-tech guy of filmmaking, and when he’s shooting digitally it’s also being sent back to his editors, and within a couple of days he can see mock-ups of scenes he just shot. And those guys are always looking for temp music to put in there, so I thought it would be a nice present to have — we sent them two hours of music.”

Reznor also spoke of initially turning down the Social Network score, preparing a deluxe reissue of his 1999 release The Fragile, jettisoning a planned project with Zach de la Rocha, and more; find the full interview here on the NYT site.

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