Image Credit: Everett Collection; Landmark/PR PhotosTotal Recall features a three-breasted mutant prostitute, the nightmarish vision of Arnold Schwarzenegger digging a tracking device out of his skull through his right nostril, and the questionable scientific assertion that Martian radiation can turn an average human into a bug-eyed space monster. It is a weird, funny, totally unique movie. So give the creators of the upcoming Total Recall remake credit: They aren’t even trying to do the same thing. Collider just posted an interview with the remake’s producer, Neal Moritz (I Am Legend, Battle: Los Angeles, the Fast and the Furious quintet), who confirmed months of internet chatter: “We’re doing the movie with Colin Farrell.”

Since Farrell currently weighs approximately half of what Schwarzenegger weighed on the day he was born, one can assume that the new remake — let’s call it Total Re-Recall — will not be going the mega-gory action route. Moritz is stingy with particular plot details, but he does relinquish one bombshell: “The big difference is we don’t go to space.” So there you go: no “Get your ass to Mars,” no evil space-radiation, and presumably no Kuato.

Now, getting rid of Mars isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. Total Recall was very loosely adapted from a Philip K. Dick short novel called “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale,” which is noticeably Mars-free. So perhaps Re-Recall is aiming to stay truer to the original story? Certainly, Farrell seems like a more typical Philip K. Dick protagonist than Schwarzenegger.

PopWatchers, are you happy to hear that Total Re-Recall is going in a completely different direction? Or is Total Recall just not the same to you without the three-breasted mutant prostitute? And are there any other Philip K. Dick adaptations you’d like to see? (My vote would be for The Penultimate Truth.)