Image Credit: Pixplanete/PR PhotosAfter previously replying to rumors of his retirement with cheeky responses, Steven Soderbergh came (sort of) clean about his plans in an unlikely place last week: Rich Eisen‘s NFL podcast.

While the director understandably geeked out about football for most of his appearance on the show, Soderbergh told the host when prompted, “I’m gonna wind it down. I’m making the announcement now.” He quickly rescinded, clarifying that he had something more akin to “an exit strategy.” “Look, you can never assume anything in this business,” he said.

Last month, Soderbergh’s Liberace star Matt Damon claimed Soderbergh was “exhausted” with filmmaking. “He, obviously, declined to mention that we were both pretty drunk when we had that conversation,” Soderbergh joked on the podcast.

For the time being, Soderbergh said his focus is on wrapping up and promoting his next two films, Haywire (April 22) and horror movie Contagion (Oct. 21), and he plans to film Liberace this summer. A reboot of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is also in the works, and he said George Clooney would be starring “if I have my way.”