If you noticed a slight uptick in nudity on public transit yesterday, thank Improv Everywhere and their annual No Pants Subway Ride, now in its 10th hit year! Who hasn’t wanted to press his or her bare flesh against a pole or seat on the subway?

This year, participants in more than 50 cities in 24 countries dared to bare their lower halves, and while the sight of people’s winterlegs doesn’t bug me at all, the idea that some woman in Australia touched her bare feet to the floor of a bus seriously gives me the willies. Enjoy your bird-flu-AIDS-cancer-of-the-foot, ma’am. (Unless buses in Australia are way, way cleaner than buses in the U.S.? Still. Shudder.)

Did you strip down this weekend, PopWatchers? And, just because, here’s the YTMND for Heed! Pants! Now! from So I Married an Axe Murderer. [makes noise, duh]

Image: Katie Sokoler