GIRL TALK: A GIRLS NIGHT MUSICAL Tina Jensen, Sonya Carter, Priscilla Fernandez
Credit: Ken Flaherty

Girl Talk is clearly meant to be a show for people who love tiaras, boas, pink, and talking about shoes and boys. If you like insight and wit, though, you’re out of luck. This new Off Broadway musical — which features Top 40 hits like Jennifer Lopez’s ”Let’s Get Loud” and Carrie Underwood’s ”Before He Cheats,” with only a wisp of contextual relevance to the plot — follows the last broadcast of a radio show that’s kind of like The View if you stripped it of all topical and political discussion. This leaves us with menopause jokes, discussions of conception, and mentions of vibrators and panties meant to play as frank sex talk.

During commercial breaks, we get bits of a barely discernible plot involving tension between the co-hosts: uptight Janice (Sonya Carter) and bitter divorcee Barbara (Tina Jensen). It’s too bad the material’s so lacking, as the stars have talent: Carter (who co-authored the script with Louise Roche and Tim Flaherty) can belt even Aretha Franklin songs with impressive range and intensity; Jensen displays keen comic timing and an effortless voice; and Priscilla Fernandez repeatedly steals the show as a nonsensical, oversexed relationship guru. Alas, the vision of you-go-girl empowerment presented here plays like the frothiest parts of Sex and the City — without the the least bit of its substance. C-

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