There were lots of terrific gadgets teased at CES this year — cameras! fancy car dashboards! — but the one that most caught my attention: DIY custom headphones. Oh hell yes.

A decent pair of headphones will dramatically increase not just the quality of the sound you’re pumping into your brain but truly your general day-to-day itself. Typically, custom in-ear phones cost a pretty penny and often take a while to produce. No more, apparently. The upcoming Sonomax Eers comes with a one-time-use silicone injection system that creates your unique-to-you phones in four minutes, and it’ll cost $199.

I’ll cop to being a headphone junkie, which might be why I’m so intrigued. Yes, $200 is still a lot of dough to drop on headphones, but for ones that fit perfectly? Compared to a custom-made anything else, that seems pretty reasonable.

Would you buy custom phones, PopWatchers? Or is there another gadget you’d rather go bespoke with?

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