By Jeff Labrecque
Updated January 10, 2011 at 11:26 PM EST
Credit: Solarpix; Landmark; Tina Gill; Chris Hatcher; Albert L. Ortega; all PR Photos


We Americans are inclined to assume that most all Brits are smarter, classier, and more refined than us Yanks, and the movie business is especially susceptible to such impressions. The Oscar is the industry’s gold standard, but a BAFTA Award has the Land of Shakespeare’s stamp of approval, lending itself unique artistic credibility. So it’s a little surprising-slash-refreshing that BAFTA presents an annual Rising Star Award, and even more unexpected that the winner is voted on by the British public. (And even more unlikely that the contest is sponsored by a British company.) How utterly People’s Choice Awards!

This year’s Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award race is between Gemma Arterton, Andrew Garfield, Tom Hardy, Aaron Johnson, and Emma Stone. And if the dignified BAFTAs trust the British people to share in the process, I have no doubts that PopWatch Nation can handle the same responsibility. God save the queen.


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