ABC News president Ben Sherwood says it’s “terrible” that his organization “briefly” misreported Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was dead after a gunman shot her in front of a grocery store.

Sherwood, who recently took the top job at the organization, was asked by a reporter at TCA press tour about false reports that Giffords had been killed. Here’s what he says:

“That’s just a… [long pause] … when I watched on Good Morning America as a close friend of the family described what the congresswoman’s husband experienced in that airplane … when he was subjected to that information … terrible … terrible that he was exposed to that.”

Continues Sherwood: “Here’s what happened at ABC News. Our mission is to get it right and accuracy is the most important thing. Unity of editorial voice is very important … for a brief moment, about 10 minutes, put up a banner citing other reports that congresswoman had died. It did not go out on our airwaves… You’ve already seen the apologizes from one news organization … It’s a reminder that we have to get it right … I’m proud of how we handled that on the broadcast side.”