Image Credit: FoxThe TV movie Change of Plans, which was presented by Walmart and Procter & Gamble on Fox last night, opened fittingly, when you consider it stars an American Idol alum: The first few moments capture an ebullient Brooke White — playing aspiring musician Sally Danville — on stage, strumming her guitar with a heavy dose of passion and singing at the top of her lungs. And you know what? As saccharine as it was, the song wasn’t half bad. I’d blast it in my car on a nice summer night for a good time. But then again, it’s no secret that White is very talented — at least at singing.

As for the acting? Well, the news is good: Her first attempt at that was also not half bad. As you might be able to imagine, White applies the same warmth and likability from her stage presence to the small screen. The movie itself, though — wow, that whole “presented by WalMart and Procter & Gamble” tagline is very, very apt, as the wholesome image of those two behemoths gooied-up the two-hour effort from start to finish. This is the squeakiest clean TV movie to hit the airwaves in a loooong time.

The plot revolves around Sally (Brooke White) and Jason Danville (Joe Flanigan), who are thrust into being parents after Sally’s best friend and mentor dies and leaves her four children to the couple. The kids are a menagerie of children from around the world, as Sally’s friend was a Peace Corps-type who collected orphans through her travels and attempts to save the world. Initially, Sally and Jason don’t want the kids at all, telling the social worker that kids weren’t “in the play book,” and that Sally “can’t cook.” But eventually the social worker (played superbly by the always lovely Phylicia Rashad) persuades them to take the kids temporarily. Eventually, after several mishaps — upset little ones, little ones breaking things, little ones crying when they find out the truth about their parents — Sally and Jason learned to love the kids and wanted to keep them. But it’s not so easy. Says Sally: “I’m just trying to figure out I’m supposed to live with a husband that I love, this career that I have a passion for, and these kids that, quite frankly, I feel responsible for.” Awww, don’t you feel for her?

Basically, the whole movie boiled down to the scenario that you might imagine happening if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s tribe of multi-cultural children had to be taken in by an unprepared couple who were kind of unsuited to care for kids. Just look at the photo — doesn’t that just look like what you might envision the Pitt-Jolie clan to look like in a few years, if Brooke White and a non-descript dad were the parents? Of course — again back to the “presented by Walmart and Procter & Gamble” thing — the movie ends on a happy note, perfect for a Saturday night family movie. Cue the new, patchwork family all singing together on stage—and introduced by none other than Idol judge Randy Jackson! That’s certainly how you end this type of movie.

In case you missed it, here’s the movie’s trailer:

Did you watch Change of Plans? Did you also see a scrubbed-down Brangelina clan vibe in the flick? Did the super-sweet nature of the whole thing make you barf—or warm your heart? Sound off in the comments section, readers!

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