By James Hibberd
Updated January 07, 2011 at 10:38 PM EST

The Onion is coming to cable TV with two new shows — IFC’s Onion News Network (parodying cable news networks) and Comedy Central’s SportsDome (spoofing ESPN’s SportsCenter).

First up, here’s a rather hilarious (and exclusive) new trailer for Onion News Network

On their TCA panel, ONN producer Will Graham ripped into Fox News.

“Fox News is the best comedy being produced right now,” Grahma says, “and we’re in the same vein of misinforming our viewers.”

“It’s impossible to be more ridiculous than Fox News or MSNBC,” he continues. “There’s times we’ll be joking and talking about something and then it will literally be on [a news network] … those are our competitors in a slightly different world.”

Adds ONN castmember Brian Huskey, “Glenn Beck thinks he’s funny, but he’s not, and then he is, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Fox News also happens to be the former employer of the show’s faux anchor, played with pitch-perfect superiority by Suzanne Sena. Asked what her former Fox News colleagues think of her starring in the Onion series, she jokes (or not) that most think the move is “a step up.”