By Darren Franich
Updated January 07, 2011 at 04:05 PM EST

On last night’s Jersey Shore premiere, new housemate Deena experienced so many Firsts. It was like watching a child grow up before our eyes: Baby’s First Grey Goose, Baby’s First Awkward Hot Tub Flirtation, Baby’s First Angry Argument With Sammi. And don’t forget Baby’s First Wardrobe Malfunction: While trying to show off her bikini body to a nonplussed Situation, Deena accidentally revealed what Gustave Courbet called “L’Origine du monde,” which is French for lady parts. What happened? Over at MTV News, Deena blames it on the alcohol: “I wasn’t used to the environment, I didn’t know anybody,” she notes, admitting that she may have had a little bit too much to drink. “My little buzz turned into a quick hammered.” She claims it was an accident that she went full monty for Sitch: “I wanted to show just my bikini, so I go to take off my dress, not realizing my bottoms are not there any more. It came down with my dress.” Watch the video below.

Viewers, I remain suspicious. Is it possible that this is Deena’s soft-sell approach for turning The Situation into her boytoy/lapdog? (He already named her Rookie of the Year by the end of the episode. What an honor!) Or, more cynically, was showing her na-na an attempt to capture the audience’s attention and start building the Deena (or perhaps the Deena-na™) brand? Take our poll and let us know what you think.

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