Diamond has just published its final 2010 ranking of comic book sales, and the top sales lists are dominated by three things: Crossovers, first issues, and The Walking Dead. The Periodicals list (representing actual monthly issues) is topped by Avengers #1 and X-Men #1, which proves definitely that you can never underestimate the American public’s hunger for No. 1 of anything. (The Bendis/Romita Jr. creative team on Avengers didn’t hurt, of course.) The rest of the Periodicals chart was dominated by the Big Two’s crossover events: DC’s Blackest Night (a.k.a. Attack of the Beloved Dead Characters) and Marvel’s Siege (a.k.a. Let’s Do a Big Thor Crossover).

Fully half of the slots on the graphic novel/collection chart belong to The Walking Dead, with Volume 1 as the year’s winner. That augurs well for future sales of the comic, and general audience interest in the AMC show. Three slots belong to Scott Pilgrim, and Kick-Ass is in No. 2. That means the only entry in the graphic novel top 10 that didn’t have a movie/TV adaptation in 2010 was Superman: Earth One. You heard it here first: Hoodies are the new zombies.

Check out the full top ten lists after the jump:

Top 10 Comic Books:

1. Avengers #1

2. X-Men #1

3. Blackest Night #8

4. Siege #1

5. Blackest Night #7

6. New Avengers#1

7. Brightest Day #0

8. Brightest Day #1

9. Siege #2

10. Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

Top 10 Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks

1. The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

2. Kick-Ass Premiere Hardcover

3. Walking Dead Volume 11: Fear the Hunters

4. Scott Pilgrim Volume 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour

5. Superman: Earth One

6. Scott Pilgrim Volume 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life

7. The Walking Dead Volume 12: Life Among Them

8. The Walking Dead Volume 2: Miles Behind Us

9. The Walking Dead Volume 13: Too Far Gone

10. Scott Pilgrim Volume 2: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World