By James Hibberd
Updated January 06, 2011 at 06:58 PM EST

Extreme Couponing

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TLC heard you wanted more Extreme Couponing — and it is going to deliver: The network has just given the coupon-clipping concept a series order.

For those who missed out, Couponing aired as a humble TLC special during the typically oh-so-slow last week of December. The show profiled America’s most dedicated “super couponers,” shoppers who go to epic lengths to save money and accumulate stockpiles of merchandise. (In one scene, a woman only paid $2.64 for more than $600 worth of goodies.)

Not only did the hour land a impressive 2.1 million viewers, it got viewers buzzing. (Including us: Here’s PopWatch’s take, which called on TLC to give the show a full season.)

Extreme Couponing captured the audience’s attention because it taps into people’s desire to live a better life without spending more money,” says Eileen O’Neill, president and GM of TLC. “The series will share even more tips and profile passionate people who have turned clipping coupons into a way of life.”

TLC has clipped 12 half-hour episode of the series, produced by Sharp Entertainment, that will air sometime this spring.

Check out this clip of the original TLC special for a taste of all the big savings:

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Extreme Couponing

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