Golden-voiced Ted Williamswas on the Today show this morning, explaining more of his backstory and being warned about instant fame, courtesy of an overly earnest Matt Lauer. “[Meredith and I] both worry a little that a lot is happening very quickly, and some people might find that hard to deal with,” Lauer told Williams. Yep, let’s really slow down the not-being-homeless process. Williams says his “new sense of spirituality” will keep him sober and thoughtful through the strange fame rollercoaster.

Look, I’m really happy for Ted Williams, but I’m stunned by just how shocked everyone seems that he has a talent. Imagine! A homeless person! With dignity and skills! Come on, world. It’s like a Susan Boyle redux — can you believe people other than the rich and beautiful are capable of things?

Anyway, congratulations, Ted Williams, and we all look forward to hearing your velvety voice for years to come.

What do you want to hear Williams announce, PopWatchers?

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