Musician and outspoken conservative Ted Nugent is always passionate, sometimes clever, and occasionally batsh–. I'll leave it to you to decide where his performance fell last night on Anderson Cooper 360. The man seems to think the idea of Alec Baldwin running for office is a little funny. (That's his right.) And/or he thinks the idea that Eliot Spitzer has his own show on CNN is ridiculous. (I'm confident he's not alone.) But I'm still struggling with his response to a video clip of Spitzer asking Baldwin about his political ambitions. "I don't know what to laugh harder at: Alec Baldwin running for office or Eliot Spitzer doing the interview. I mean give me a break: What is this, Planet of the Apes or CNN?" Give a look:

"What is this, Planet of the Apes or CNN?" Was Nugent implying the idea of Baldwin in office or Spitzer hosting a cable show is indicative of some up-is-down, black-is-white world on par with apes ruling man? Did he have a momentary flashback to Baldwin's shirtless scene in Prelude to a Kiss? Or was he simply and crudely insulting Spitzer's physical appearance? What do you think?

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