As part of a brand makeover, Playboy TV made its TCA press tour debut Thursday, unveiling two reality shows that seek to draw men and women. One is Brooklyn Kinda Love, a docusoap about four couples living in New York from the producers of Taxicab Confessions. The second is Swing, a docusoap about partner-swapping couples. Making its online debut, here’s the (slightly NSFW) Swing trailer:

Asked one critic after this screened: “I have a hard enough time finding one woman I want to be with, how do you find multiples?”

Executives at the pay-only network say their research shows female viewers will check out Playboy if the content has realistic, silicon-free couples, and isn’t shot strictly from a male-fantasy perspective.

“Skinamax, for lack of a better term, has a certain cheesy element that women are not into,” says Gary Rosenson, senior VP and general manager at Playboy TV.

Would you check out a more couples-friendly Playboy TV?

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