Image Credit: James Devaney/WireImage.comOh, how cute! Our little Twilight stars are growing up: Today we learned Robert Pattinson has officially selected his first major post-Twilight project. According to Deadline, the mop-topped one has signed on to star in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis. (The film’s production company, Alfama Films, confirmed the casting on their website.) The book, which is heavily set in a limousine, follows a financial whiz who’s diverted by several events — some dreary, some sexy, and some career-killing — while on his way to get a haircut.

After the somber disaster that was Remember Me, it’s nice to see Pattinson sign onto a joint from a director as respected Cronenberg (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises). But the content of the film paired with its helmer all but guarantees a dark (albeit probably exciting) theater experience. Perhaps it’s just me, but after seeing Pattinson [spoiler alert!] die in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, mope in the Twilight films, [another spoiler alert!] die in Remember Me, and do God knows what the hell he was doing in Little Ashes, I’m ready to see the actor who will be formerly known as Edward branch out into some lighter fare. (Especially considering his upcoming Water for Elephants — out April 22 — won’t necessarily be a gut-busting romp, either.) Am I crazy for being curious about whether or not Pattinson could handle, say, slapstick comedy? I know, I am. But I’d pay for a ticket to see that. (Also makes me not sane.) Hey, he was funny with a mustache!

That being said, I’m still curious to see how Pattinson carves out his career. Working with respected filmmakers is a definite start, since just one year ago, it was relatively difficult to peg his future. (Taylor Lautner was considered the action star, Kristen Stewart was considered the indie darling, and Pattinson was considered … handsome?) But I’ll turn things over to you, PopWatchers: How do you like your Pattinson?

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