A bodyguard for Michael Jackson testified on Wednesday that two of Jackson’s children witnessed their father lying unconscious on his bed the day he died, People and Reuters are reporting. In the second day of preliminary hearings determining whether Dr. Conrad Murray should be tried for involuntary manslaughter, Alberto Alvarez testified that Jackson’s children Prince and Paris, then 12 and 11, had walked into their father’s bedroom while Murray was administering to the unconscious pop star. “Paris screamed ‘Daddy’ and she started crying, and Dr. Murray said, ‘Get them out, don’t let them see their father like this,'” Alvarez said to the court. “I turned to the children and I told them, ‘Don’t worry children, we’ll take care of it, please go outside.’ And I escorted them out of the bedroom.”

Alvarez had also testified that Murray had ordered him to put several medical vials in a bag before calling 911. Jackson’s sisters Janet and LaToya, his mother Katherine, and father Joe all attended the hearing.

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