Image Credit: Chloe Pearne/Discovery ChannelWe’ve all heard stories about Discovery’s Man vs. Wild hosted by Bear Grylls teaching fans the skills to survive when they get lost in the woods. It’s usually something basic like how to stay warm as opposed to, say, giving yourself an enema for hydration, but one never knows what knowledge will come in handy. I’m impressed with people who retain this information. I’ve said it before, after watching a Man vs. Wild marathon, I find it impossible to walk by a puddle and not think about how I could make the water drinkable. But I couldn’t tell you how to do so now. (The advice that sticks most in my mind is if I ever need to cross a freezing river, it’s best to do it naked so I have dry clothes to put on afterwards. It’s logical, of course, but when faced with the prospect of entering icy water, I don’t think anyone’s first thought is less cover.) So, what will we learn when Man vs. Wild returns for its sixth season starting Feb. 17? Let’s see. Some teases from Discovery:

Will most of us ever need to catch octopus at night? No. But the torches make it sound pretty!

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