First of all, the movie is called Manual of Love 3, not just Manual Love 3 (which sounds kinda porny).

American moviegoers can be forgiven if they’re unaware of this Italian romance series — the previous installments haven’t been released stateside. But with the third movie featuring Robert De Niro (who, as you may remember from The Godfather Part II, speaks fluent Italian) and that country’s reigning sex-symbol siren Monica Bellucci, the trailer is getting more attention (we saw it on Slashfilm).

There’s no dialogue in the promo, and if you can’t translate the Italiano title cards, you might have a hard time following what’s going on, except to note that it’s about a lot of middle-aged people getting their sex on, a bald fellow having his wig ripped off, and De Niro dodging a punch that connects against the jaw of a guy who looks like Diagnosis: Murder-era Dick Van Dyke (actually actor Michele Placido). Check out the (slightly NSFW) trailer below:

That melancholy song is called “Altrove (Elsewhere)” by Italian singer-songwriter Morgan, and starts out “After the flowers/ the ones I picked/ the ones I offered/ have faded/ I’ve decided/ to get lost in the world.” That signals this is a story of people starting over.

Loosely translated, the titles read: “The love and feeling … that arrives suddenly … no matter if beautiful or ugly … long or short … makes life worth living.” And then, later: “Love can do anything.”

De Niro features in only one of the film’s love-story vignettes, with the actor playing a divorced American professor living in Rome who falls for Bellucci. Americans swoon for Italian romances — Cinema Paradiso, Il Postino. But we’ll be interested to see if De Niro’s presence is enough to make this franchise tug at heartstrings Stateside.