By Mandi Bierly
Updated January 04, 2011 at 05:45 PM EST

Watching the red band trailer for the friends-with-benefits comedy No Strings Attached, you learn a few new things about the Natalie Portman-Ashton Kutcher flick: For starters, the reason his character is so upset he finally beds his best female friend is that his father (Kevin Kline) is now dating his ex-girlfriend. The F-bomb is dropped frequently in this film, as are Portman’s and Kutcher’s clothing. (He gets a butt shot. Will she? She does in Your Highness.) We’ll need to decide whether Kutcher’s character choosing to bring Portman’s a “Congrats!” balloon after their initial romp and at some point making her a “period mix” (featuring Sinatra’s “I’ve Got the World on a String”) is interesting or annoying. And, most importantly, The Office‘s Mindy Kaling will be in more than one scene. She works at the hospital with Portman in addition to being one of her roommates. Watch the trailer below.