By Mandi Bierly
Updated January 04, 2011 at 08:55 PM EST

Justin Bieber is Vanity Fair‘s February cover boy. After reading an online tease of the article by Vanity Fair contributing editor Lisa Robinson, here are five reasons I may check out the full piece:

1. I don’t really care that Justin Bieber thinks the way his brain works is “crazy” and “nuts,” but I am curious to see if the 16-year-old shares his beliefs surrounding the afterlife. Of his insomnia, he says, “I just turn over all night and think. My mind races. I think about all the things I didn’t have time to think about during the day — like family and God and things that should be more important but you don’t have time to think about, because you just get caught up [in everything else] during the day.”

2. I’m hoping the piece expands on this as well: Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, “also tells Robinson that, after a personal encounter with God, she believes that she and Justin have been put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world.”

3. Perhaps I’d find out how this played out: Usher describes what happened when he brought Bieber to L.A. Reid: “I knew what L.A. was gonna do — the same thing he did to me. Let’s bring in employees and we want to see how he reacts to women.”

4. There could be more quotes from Bieber’s grandfather Bruce Dale. Asked if he ever anticipated his grandson having this level of fame, he says, “No. Never. He was supposed to be a hockey player.”

5. I need to see the shot of Bieber playing Checkers with his shirt hanging open — so strenuous! — at full size. The preview at 3:12 in the behind-the-scenes video of his photo shoot makes it look like he has some serious abs. Are those real? I don’t want to begin processing that if they’re fake. (P.S. If you watched that video, don’t you wish we’d gotten to see if Bieber interacted with the young screaming extras in between set-ups, or if they were instructed not to speak to him?)

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