James Van Der Beek wins the Internet today! Behold Van Der Memes, the go-to spot for new — and new-and-improved! — Dawson Leery .gifs. Hooooly moly, it is great. Attention, famous people: This is exactly how to handle being the butt of an Internet joke.

My favorite of the Vandermeems is baby face, because… what?

Katie Holmes: Super, super famous. Michelle Williams: Very famous, and also highly regarded. Joshua Jackson: Pretty famous still, and also beloved, thanks in part to Pacey-Con. Now James Van Der Beek is movin’ on up, too. Kerr Smith is great on Life Unexpected (someone! hire him!), and Busy Philipps is hilarious on Cougar Town. So… your move, Meredith “Andie McPhee” Monroe!

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