As an actor, Alec Baldwin has given back to the masses. He’s gifted us with the genius of 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy, the handsomeness of The Hunt for Red October‘s Jack Ryan, and even managed to make Along Came Polly somewhat tolerable. (Somewhat.) But he might soon be ready to really serve the people: In an appearance set to air Jan. 5 on CNN’s Parker Spitzer — which definitely has a porn title on Kabletown’s line-up — the actor told host Eliot Spitzer that he was interested in running for political office. “We’ve had men who are … Ivy League-groomed running this country since 1988,” Baldwin says in a preview of the interview, embedded below. “We’ve had 22 years of Yale and Harvard running this country right now. And the problems aren’t getting solved.” Replied Spitzer, “You almost sound like Sarah Palin.” Blerg!

Baldwin continued, “What’s missing is that we need people obviously who are educated, or a leader who brings the educated people in on their back, but people who have not lost sight of what the middle class in this country needs.” That’s not to say that Baldwin — whose said he would retire after he finishes work with 30 Rock — would have an easy time abandoning his current day job. “People would say to me all the time, why would you want to do [politics]?” he says. “And sometimes I don’t want to do it because to leave what I’m doing now would be extremely painful. … I’ve grown to really love where I am now in my business and to quit now when it really feels good and doing it feels good would be an enormously difficult thing to do.” (See the clip embedded after the jump.)

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