By Lynette Rice
January 03, 2011 at 11:09 PM EST

Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC; Claire Folger/ABC; Karen Neal/ABC; Jordin Althaus/NBCUPDATED, 2/3: Here are the start dates for new and returning shows on the broadcast networks.

Feb. 4

Who Do You Think You Are? (season premiere, NBC)

Feb. 7

The Chicago Code (series premiere, Fox)

Feb. 8

Traffic Light (series premiere, Fox)

Feb. 9

Mr. Sunshine (series premiere, ABC)

Feb. 13

53rd Annual Grammy Awards (CBS)

Feb. 16

Survivor: Redemption Island (season premiere, CBS)

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (season premiere, CBS)

Feb. 20

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business (season premiere, CBS)

Feb. 21

Mad Love (season premiere, CBS)

Feb. 23

Shedding for the Wedding (series premiere, The CW)

America’s Next Top Model (season premiere, The CW)

Feb. 27

83rd Annual Academy Awards (ABC)

Feb. 28

The Event (show returns from hiatus, NBC)

March 6

Celebrity Apprentice (season premiere, NBC)

Secret Millionaire (series premiere, ABC)

March 16

The Marriage Ref (season premiere, NBC)

America’s Next Great Restaurant (series premiere, NBC)

March 21

Dancing with the Stars (season premiere, ABC)

March 29

Body of Proof (series premiere, ABC)

April 1

Chaos (series premiere, CBS)

April 3

46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (CBS)

April 6

Breaking In (series premiere, Fox)

April 12

Happy Endings (series premiere, ABC)

April 14

Take the Money and Run (series premiere, ABC)

May 23

Terra Nova (series premiere, Fox)

June 12

65th Annual Tony Awards (CBS)

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Archana Ram contributed to this report.