Image Credit: Amy Graves/WireImage.comHere at PW headquarters, we’ve written many, many times about a possible Lindsay Lohan comeback. (See: here, here, here, here, here, here. And that’s just in the last year alone.) And today, on the day that she’s reportedly left a less-than-drama-free stay at Betty Ford — what with that whole criminal battery investigation thing — we have the opportunity to do so once again. After all, the actress’ website recently underwent a makeover. Surely, it’s time she actually accomplished a successful image overhaul herself.

But what will work for her? She tried making fun of her troubles via this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. That, however, only succeeded in making many critics, and fans, sad pandas. She boasted a role in this year’s cultish Robert Rodriguez flick, Machete. Unfortunately, her character’s affection for weaponry only seemed to remind folks of this. She tried jumping on board Inferno, a steamy biopic about Linda Lovelace that seemed destined for awards chatter (whether said chatter would surround an Oscar or Razzie, of course, would have remained to be seen). But after violating her probation, checking into jail for a short-lived stint, failing a drug test, and getting sent to rehab, the film’s director bailed on Lohan, replacing her with Malin Akerman.

Looking at her 2010, it’s hard to imagine how Lohan can win, regardless of what she chooses to do post-rehab. And frankly, after speculating for months about what she can do with her career once she pulls herself together, I’ve run out of ideas. So I’m going to turn it over to you, PopWatchers. How should Lohan spend her 2011? Vote in our poll below. Wah.

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