With no awards shows to perform at or red carpets to bless with her eccentricities, Lady Gaga‘s been pretty quiet for the last few months. But it seems like we’ll be getting back to regularly scheduled Gaga programming in no time. As we reported earlier, she kicked off the new year on Twitter announcing that her next album, Born This Way, will hit stores May 23. And the first single, its title track, will be released Feb. 13, the same day as the 2011 Grammy Awards. Along with the announcement came a photo of a pantsless Gaga wearing only a jacket adorned with the name of her album and a unicorn drawing, which matches the tattoo on her thigh. Considering this is the same person who proudly wore a meat dress and one made of Kermit heads, this isn’t that wild. Racy? Sure. But I certainly was expecting something that would register a bit higher on my crazy meter. Still, it’s NSFW-worthy and a little too much to be displaying here without you choosing to check it out after the jump. See it for yourself.

Gaga’s reps have yet to confirm that this will be her album’s (or even be the single’s ) artwork. What do you think of the photo? Might we see a slightly more reserved Gaga this go-around? Or is this just a warm up for risque, borderline crazy attire to come? Let us know.

UPDATE: Gaga’s reps have confirmed that the image is just a teaser and not the single or album artwork.

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