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January 03, 2011 at 10:19 PM EST

Image Credit: Tommaso Boddi/PR PhotosCommunity fans are split on many key issues. (Do Jeff and Britta belong together? Should we love or fear the idea of Shirley/Chang baby?) But no debate is needed regarding the sharp one-liners on the show: They couldn’t be better had they been uttered from the lips of a ghost in the shadow of a unicorn’s dream. I especially ponder the show’s excellence on days like today, which just so happens to be the 38th anniversary of show creator Dan Harmon’s birth.

This is where I could go on about how great Community has been lately. How if you haven’t been watching, you’ll never be a Level 5 Laser Lotus. How the Christmas special made me cry, chuckle, and call my mom so I could tell her I loved her. (Awww.) Or how if this show goes off the air due to low viewership, I’ll have a Community-sized hole in my heart right next to my already painful Better Off Ted septal defect, and I’m not okay with having a Swiss cheese soul. Yes, I could tell you all of that. But let’s face it; if you’ve gotten this far in this post, you’re part of the choir that needn’t preaching. So let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s quote this fantastic show in honor of Harmon and in hopes of making people who don’t watch the show feel like they’re really lame because they’re not part of our club. (New members accepted daily, btw.) 

Here are four of my favorite quotes (in no particular order):

“I can’t say no to those big doe eyes. It’s like strangling a mermaid with a bike chain.” –Jeff

“The kid’s gonna be a star — he’s a young ‘the Asian guy from Lost.'” –Abed

“Vaughn doesn’t ever wear shoes or a shirt. How has he not died from a lack of service?” –Jeff

“I wanna see if those wiener dogs are born that way, or if they start off normal and then get wiener.” –Troy

Your turn, PopWatchers. Tell me your best Community quote now (without Googling). And ponder with me: Was Dan Harmon born that way? Or did he start off normal and become Harmon?

Sandra on Twitter: @EWSandraG

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