By Margaret Lyons
January 03, 2011 at 07:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesFacebook is now worth $50 billion to Goldman Sachs, thanks to a new deal in which the Wall Street megafirm and Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies invested $500 million in the social networking site, placing its valuation at $50 billion. Billion! The mind reels. That still puts it behind Google ($190 billion) and Amazon ($83 billion), but it’s ahead of eBay and Yahoo. And it’s about 20 times more than AOL.

This staggering valuation comes on the heels of a new report that says Facebook was the most-visited site from the United Sates in 2010, topping Google for the first time. It was also the most searched term, which is heartbreaking, because that means people are apparently unable simply to go to their address bars and type in “” I live in a nation of strangers.

Valuation, traffic — it’s all lovely for Facebook or whatever. I just really hope this means FB is ready to roll out its version of already. Some of us have some large files to share, guys!

Put on yer banker hats and let’s hear it, PopWatchers: Do you think $50 billion is the current value of all of Facebook’s future cash flows? [NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Wired]

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