January 03, 2011 at 06:34 PM EST

Image Credit: John P. Filo/CBSIt was Day One of the new Early Show this morning on CBS. Gone were Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Dave Price. In their seats were Chris Wragge, Erica Hill, and Marysol Castro. When the decision to revamp the third-place morning show was announced in November, some folks were none too pleased: Wragge was too handsome, said many critics, and his hard-news bonafides — he logged time on Entertainment Tonight — weren’t up to Smith-ian levels. Many loyal and disappointed fans of the previous team vowed not to watch the program. But the new gang seemed poised and professional this morning, eager to pretend that today was just another day of work. They covered politics, the latest in La Vida Lohan, and shared their 6,500-mile bonding tour. Castro even braved the icy waters for a story on the Polar Bears’ annual dip. All in all, they comported themselves rather well — though there’s no denying that Wragge is not hideous. (See a clip from the show here.)

But were you watching, loyal Early Show-ers? Was it better than you feared? Worse than you hoped? If you did tune out this morning, where did you go instead?

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