Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty ImagesOoh, tech nerds, gird your loins: the Consumer Electrics Show kicks off this week, and with it, a shiny parade of fantasy gadgets that will tease and tempt us. Sadly, few of these marvels will ever trickle into the normal consumer’s hands, but it’s nice to dream. This year’s big draw? Tablets.

Last year’s CES was flooded with e-readers, and in the subsequent months, we saw tons of non-Kindle e-readers enter the marketplace. This year, tablets will be taking center stage. The elusive Windows tablet will probably make another appearance, but I’m more intrigued by all the Honeycomb-based options. Yes, you can love both iPads and their Android competitors.

CES showcases tons of super-high-end, mega-expensive, for-Bruce-Wayne-only types of gadgets (a TV screen … the size of a house!), and those are always fun to ogle. But some of us need day-to-day gadgets, and this year’s crop of fancy smartphones — especially HTC models on Verizon’s schmancy 4G network — look particularly promising.

What gadgets and gizmos are you looking forward to, PopWatchers? Are you still jonesing for more 3-D TVs? Or are your sights set on smart dashboards for your car?