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Boardwalk Empire might be the most gorgeous show on television. The first season of the gangster drama was overstuffed with lavish visuals — raucous Prohibition parties, a lively GOP Convention, and period-perfect recreations of Manhattan, Chicago, and Atlantic City. The most impressive visual is right there in the title: Every episode prominently featured the boardwalk, which is actually a massive set in Brooklyn enhanced by what one can assume is a ludicrously expensive set of digital effects. Brainstorm Digital, the company behind most of Boardwalk‘s effects, has just released a video showing how they make the magic happen. There’s lots of eye candy here — thrill to the site of giant blue screens surrounding the boardwalk! — but some of the most interesting effects are the subtle ones, like the dead body floating upside-down in the water. Best moment of the video: seeing Jack Huston, a.k.a. Richard Harrow, before the effects people turn him into Mr. Half-Face. Check it out below:

This video makes me more excited than ever for Boardwalk‘s second season, which is unfortunately a million years (well, several months) away. Boardwalk fans, did you enjoy this little look behind the scenes?

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Steve Buscemi stars in HBO’s sprawling Prohibition drama set in Atlantic City.
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