Nick Wyman, the president of the Actors’ Equity Association, has issued a statement on the AEA’s website regarding the widely reported injuries suffered during performances of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. “I have been very disturbed and distraught by the serious injuries sustained by our member Chris Tierney at the Dec. 20 performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” Wyman writes on the site. “That Chris is not the first actor, nor the second, but rather the fourth to be injured on Spider-Man is frustrating and maddening and, to some, infuriating.” (Tierney is set to be released from the rehab center where he is being treated for a hairline skull fracture, broken ribs, a broken scapula, and other injuries sustained during a performance of Spider-Man.)

The long statement also claims that Equity has met with the production, OSHA, and the Department of Labor to ensure safety on the stage, and is looking forward to an injury-free future during the Spider-Man‘s run. “I understand the wish to point fingers, to find someone who is culpable,” Wyman writes. “The more useful, productive exercise is to discover what we can do to improve things, to prevent a recurrence of this accident. This is what our staff has been doing.”

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