January 02, 2011 at 07:39 PM EST

Mr. Plinkett, the comically churlish critic who’s made a name for himself by dissecting the Star Wars prequels, saved his best for last. In a 110-minute takedown of The Revenge of the Sith, the semi-lucid Plinkett insists that the emperor — ah, Ah, AH … LUCAS! Gezundheit. Thank you — has no clothes. “This was like going to an autopsy,” drones Plinkett, describing the final chapter in the space epic. “You know it’s dead and nothing’s gonna change that, but you gotta do an autopsy to find out what killed it. Or who killed it.”

Yes, Plinkett claims that George Lucas “ruined six years of everyone’s lives, even starving children in Cambodia.” But he’ll also spotlight the thinnest of silver linings: At least Han Solo was not dragged into this mess. Lucas clearly knew better than to tamper with an iconic Harrison Ford character. Oh. Right.

Part I of Plinkett’s epic three-part spanking is below. But do watch the NSFW critique in its entirety. It’s cathartic for any middle-aged person who has kids that think “Yippeeee!” is a battle cry.

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