Kathy Griffin made it through another year hosting CNN's New Year's Eve celebration with her BFF Anderson Cooper. She and AC made sure from the opening bell that we realized the sassy-tongued comedienne could get the hook at any moment if another D-word (2008) or F-word (2009) moment were to transpire. ("Anything can happen," Cooper intoned before commercial breaks). There definitely was a sense of spontaneity you just don't get with Seacrest-Clark, but not surprisingly, Griffin was a good girl for the full 90-minute broadcast. She danced to NKOTBSB. She made references to Anderson Cooper's genitals. She punched Anderson Cooper in the stomach (incessantly). The schtick was a little heavy-handed out of the gate, but once she got Cooper to loosen up and giggle a bit, things settled into a fairly entertaining and just-slightly-awkward zone that was fun to watch. Here are my picks for their best moments of the night:

1. Kathy chucked Anderson's very fancy new glasses off the platform.

2. Commenting on the paparazzi photos from last week of Kathy walking in a bikini on the beach with Cher, AC  said Griffin was "paler than I am," "translucent," like "a newt, a sea creature from the darkest depths."

3. That awesome chain gun fireworks display they showed from London's bash. Bet it's a trip to stand underneath that.

4. All night Kathy would announce to viewers made-up things like, "Katy Perry, performing next!" and Anderson would promptly clarify, "No, no she's not." It got old fast, but KG still got a good laugh out of me when she timed a quick "Up next, Justin Bieber!" just as they went to the commercial break and before Anderson could clarify.

5. They clearly like each other and a good time can be infectious.

What'd you think? Too much "Oh, I better watch my mouth?" Or did you manage to glom off some of their fun for yourself?

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