While A.C. Four-eyes and Kathy Griffin prepare to watch the ball drop tomorrow night (watch them banter about it here), why don’t you prepare for 2011 by sharing your pop culture-related New Year’s Resolutions (That You Will Not Keep) below? Just remember to keep it relevant. No one, especially Anderson Cooper’s glasses, wants to hear about your quest for genuine self-improvement. For example: “Lose weight” = boring; “Sculpt my ass into a perfect bubble à la Maksim Chmerkovskiy” = applicable. Even though, obviously, you will fail. Okay, I’ll start.

Annie’s Top 5 Pop Culture New Year’s Resolutions (That She Will Never Keep)

5. Seek out one current band/artist a week instead of pressing play on “Arctic Chill” playlist from 2008 over and over and over….

4. Quit eating Doritos while watching Top Chef or the Food Network. Ramp up the classiness a little by scraping from a block of real cheese with your teeth. Engage with the food! The people on the screen are putting in the effort and so should you.

3. No TLC after 1 a.m.

2. Tell DVR/life partner that it’s over but you can still be friends. Just tell Peter the truth. “It’s not me, it’s you.” You can do it.

1. Leave the house.

Mandi Bierly and I are really fun at parties, you guys. Invite us to your parties!


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