By Darren Franich
Updated December 30, 2010 at 10:40 PM EST

Oh, Internet, you’re the best friend ever. Thanks to you, the cosmically destructive blizzard that shut down the Northeast earlier this week already has a comprehensive Wikipedia page. And now, the storm has its own definitive movie: Man in a Blizzard (a.k.a. Idiot with a Tripod), a short video shot mid-storm by Jamie Stuart, a New York City filmmaker. Roger Ebert is already championing the film for a short-subject Oscar, not least because because the film doubles as a wonderful homage to Man with a Movie Camera, the 1929 film by Russian director Dziga Vertov that invented and/or perfected basically every cool cinematic technique. It’s difficult to describe the appeal of Man in a Blizzard — it initially seems like a series of random shots, but Stuart’s technical precision elevate it into something more: rapturous, joyful, even funny. Check it out below!

PopWatchers, do you think Ebert’s onto something? Could this inspire a new wave of “city symphony” short films? Fellow holiday travelers, were all those terrible hours spent in stand-by at the airport worth it for this movie?