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Dear Hyundai,

It was kind of cute at first. We had fun mocking the breathless innocence of Nataly Dawn’s voice on “Up on the Housetop,” replacing “Up on the housetop, reindeer pause” with “Hah, hah-hah-hah, hah, hah hah hah”…the first 17 or so times. “Jingle Bells” was always just sort of there. “Deck [pause] The Halls” was annoying from the start. You know that. How could anyone not realize this? Have you just been f—ing with us the whole time?

Come on, we’re begging you. Does the Genesis come with a calendar? It’s December 30. Enough is enough. We’ve seen these commercials 2847582 times. You’re scaring away what could be scores of new Pomplamoose fans who will never want to hear “the dreaded car-commercial hipsters” again — let alone buy a car! I mean you can just forget about the car thing altogether. Weirdos.

From every one of us, have a safe and happy holiday, WHICH IS OVER.

Love, Scrooge!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Hell to the No!
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