Image Credit: Lorey SebastianAs we bid adieu to 2010, Hollywood is here to help you celebrate with, well, pretty much the same exact films from last week. As is customary for the weekend after Christmas, there are no new wide releases. Instead, audiences will have to settle with checking out those movies they’ve missed for one reason or another. Due to last weekend’s east-coast blizzard, and the fact that many folks may have avoided the multiplex on Friday and Saturday due to Christmas festivities, I’m guessing there will be a lot of catch-up action this weekend. Some movies may even see their earnings jump this frame, particularly films geared toward children, while True Grit and Little Fockers will battle it out for first-place bragging rights. I’m leaning toward a True Grit victory — it’s much more well-liked than Fockers — but it’s looking like it could be a photo finish. My predictions:

1. True Grit: $24.5 million

The Coen Brothers’ oater ode galloped off with an impressive $24.9 million last weekend — the directing duo’s largest opening ever. I expect the PG-13 Western will lasso about the same amount this weekend, too. For one thing, a lot of people dig the movie. It has already debuted on IMDb’s Top 250 Movies list, and CinemaScore moviegoers handed it a “B+” grade. Also, True Grit is drawing a predominantly older audience (70 percent is at least 25 years old), and that’s the type of crowd that doesn’t necessarily rush out to the theater the second a movie opens. Thus, many fans of the original 1969 film (or Westerns in general) will be getting around to seeing True Grit this weekend. And some folks, I suspect, will already be visiting the flick for the second time. For instance, my baby-boomer parents thought True Grit was the strongest film they’ve seen in ages, and, naturally, my parents’ opinion can be scientifically extrapolated to represent the tastes of the entire nation. Don’t let me down, Mom and Dad.

2. Little Fockers: $23.5 million

This $100 million threequel topped the box office last weekend with a sturdy, but somewhat disappointing, $30.8 million. CinemaScore audiences gave it a mediocre “B-” grade, and critics tore the film apart quicker than Santa’s Little Helper demolished the Simpsons’ family quilt. Meet the Fockers opened the same weekend in 2004 and proceeded to slip 10 percent its second weekend. Little Fockers should fall more than that — I’m guessing almost 25 percent.

3. TRON: Legacy: $17 million

The cycles weren’t kind to TRON: Legacy, as Disney’s $170 million sci-fi epic shrank 57 percent Christmas weekend. But with no new wide releases, this may continue to be the film of choice for families itching for that big 3-D experience. A decline of just over 10 percent seems about right.

This third Narnia movie dropped only 24 percent last weekend. As is the case with TRON and Yogi Bear, families may be desperate to get out of the house this weekend, and the PG-rated Dawn Treader is one of the few destinations suitable for little kids. A 10 percent bump would push the $140 million fantasy movie to a four-week tally of about $87 million.

5. Yogi Bear: $9 million

The PG live-action/animation hybrid has so far underperformed for Warner Bros., but again, the kids are still at home and Yogi Bear shoots a worm out of his nose — in 3-D! That has to amount to something, right? Say, a 15 percent jump.

Also, two films opened Wednesday in limited release: the formerly-NC-17-but-now-R-rated drama Blue Valentine, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, and Mike Leigh’s British drama Another Year. The two Oscar-hopefuls debuted in four and six theaters, respectively.