By Annie Barrett
Updated December 29, 2010 at 06:36 PM EST

Image Credit: MTVI don’t always feel the need to alert people when there’s a new series on MTV, but there’s nothing new on lately, and yesterday Kristen Baldwin and I realized that even though it’ll probably just be The Biggest Loser for teenagers, we’re both “pretty into” tonight’s premiere of I Used to be Fat. (Trailer here.) But seriously, MTV, the timing on this thing? Right after the stupid holidays? I’m about to polish off the last of a Paula Deen french toast casserole that’s been sitting in the fridge since Sunday (gross), and for a mid-afternoon snack I plan on reheating a complicated “brie melt” (featuring: jam!) for no reason other than “it’s there.” These two dishes look eerily alike (SORRY). I Recently Became Fat would have been much more relatable. Stop effing with us.

In more pathetic news, I’ve taken advantage of my parents’ On Demand privileges to watch two episodes of True Life called “I’m Happy to be Fat” and “I’m Addicted to Food.” Um. Hello. Lunchtime poll! Vote for the show you’d be most likely to star in, below.

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